Shaker Furniture Gallery at the
North Woods Chair Shop

Shaker Rocking Chairs

Our Enfield rocking chairsare made in the 3-slat and 4-slat versions. The smaller rocker seems comfortable for most women and naturally, the 4-slat is the one chosen by most men.
The candlestand is modeled after one made in the New Lebanon Community before 1850, but is still perfect today.

3-Slat Size: H. 41, W. 19, D. 14,
Seat Height 17 1/4.

4-Slat Size: H. 47, W. 23 1/4, D. 16,
Seat Height 16

Candlestand Size: H. 26 1/4,
Top Diameter 17 3/4.

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Canterbury Shaker Ironing Stools
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Because our Canterbury stool is a good height for use at kitchen counters or at a drawing table, it has become very popular with our customers. By request, we have included a 2-slat version that offers better back support. Both stools can be made in the Enfield style and can easily be customized to the exact height you need.

One-Slat Size: H.35 1/2, W. 19, D. 14,
Seat Height 24 1/4.

2-Slat Size: H. 42, W. 19, D. 14,
Seat Height 24 1/4.