Shaker Furniture Gallery at the
North Woods Chair Shop

Shaker Tall Chest

The Shakers were very clever about storage. They made a variety of large storage cupboards like this one and used them for everything from clothes to dishes. Today, we use cupboards like this in any room. One clever use is to put a television in the top and make the rest into an entertainment center. The wood in this cupboard is wavy birch, an underutilized but very beautiful one.

Size: H. 76, W. 36, D.
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Slant Front Desk

desk40.jpg (8941 bytes)

Desks are very personal items and each should be designed carefully around the size and needs of the person who will use it. This desk was made for a small woman who wanted a delicate desk for writing letters.  Behind the lid are many cubbies and a miniature cupboard. The woods are wavy cherry and bird's eye maple.

Size: H. 45, W. 36, D. 20

Sewing Desk

The Shaker brothers made desks like this for the sisters who did the sewing in the community. The small drawer on top was for spools and small gadgets and the work surface was the right height for someone sitting in a rocking chair. Imagine a pair of these as nightstands or as an end table next to the sofa. The woods are cherry and tiger maple.

Size: H. 35 1/2, W. 27 1/2, D. 19 1/2

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